Funny Story: When Overpacking Meets Elevation

Check out this funny story that Paula shared with us! 👇

“My friend Jaime worked as a summit steward and invited me to come visit her at work on top of Algonquin. Algonquin Peak stands a bit over 5,000 feet in elevation. It is New York State’s 2nd highest mountain. I’ve never climbed a mountain before, but if there is one thing I am, it’s prepared. I packed all the necessities I would need for a climb in the wilderness and headed up the trail.

It was fun at first but grew more challenging as the hours passed until I was taking long breaks, willing myself to keep going. When I finally reached the top and found Jaime, we sat down to eat. I got out my six bottles of water, my two sub sandwiches, and my four-pound bag of trail mix.

Jaime rolled on the ground laughing. She couldn’t believe I had packed over 20  pounds of “essential supplies” and carried it to the peak. As it turns out, among other things, you don’t need a reflective blanket for a well-traveled hiking trail.

As we were going back down the mountain, the glue on my sneakers gave way and they fell completely apart.

All that preparation, and I didn’t wear proper hiking shoes. Goes to show you that being the right kind of prepared is important. Who knew mountain climbing could be solid career training!”

-Paula Choplick, REALTOR®

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